My Morning Beauty Routine

I’m definitely not a makeup pro, and I don’t wear all that much makeup, but these are the steps that I take in the morning.

Step 1: Start with a clean face!

Be sure that all of your makeup from yesterday is gone, before you start applying your makeup. Also, make sure that your hands are clean, especially if you use your hands for blending.

Step 2: Concealer

I typically apply concealer in a triangle shape under my eyes, and on any blemishes, or spots. You can just blend the concealer with your fingers, or you can use a brush, or makeup sponge.

Step 3: Powder

I basically just lightly apply matte powder to cover my whole face, to prevent my face from becoming really shiny. It also helps make my face look smoother.

Step 4: Blush

To make sure that my face has some color, I apply blush to my cheeks. Make sure to just start lightly, because some blushes are really bright, and you don’t want to have two hot pink spots on your cheeks. 😁

Step 5: Mascara

With mascara, I just gently brush my upper lashes with the wand, until the mascara on my eyelashes is as thick as I want it to be.


Tell me about your makeup routine in the comments below!


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