California Wildfires

Hi everyone. In case you haven’t been here before, I’m Madison. Around 4:00 am Monday morning, my family and I were forced to evacuate our home along with thousands of other people. Several of my friends families’ houses were destroyed, along with thousands of other buildings by a devastating fire in my hometown. While my house is still standing, it is in an evacuation zone, and could be destroyed any minute. My friend and some other teens that I know created a gofundme to raise money for those who suffered from the fires. It would be greatly appreciated if you could share the link on any social media of yours, or on your blogs so we can reach our goal. Thank you.



This picture below shows the home that one of my best friends lived on. Her house has been completely destroyed, and her and her family are now homeless.


You can see from these pictures how much destruction our town and nearby towns are suffering from. Your help would mean so much to us.



New Theme!

Hey guys! So, I’ve decided to change the theme of my blog! Rather than being a lifestyle blogger, I’ve decided to just share my photos! I love taking photos, and getting feedback from you guys!

Every time I post, my photos will be of a different theme! I’m starting high school in a few days, so I might not be able to post very often, but I’ll try my best. Thank you so much for reading!